Maybe I’m not the lawyer for you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you out. That’s okay – I’m happy to refer you out to other professionals in the community that I feel may be able to work with you.

One place to start is with the Clark County Bar Referral service – they can hook you up with a lawyer who may specialize in an area of law that I don’t. You can contact them at (360) 695-0599 or Further information, and information about the Southwest Washington Volunteer Lawyer program can be found here:

If you’re having troubles with your public defender, contact the county Indigent Defense Coordinator, Heather Carroll at (360) 397-2175 or Ms. Carroll oversees the county’s indigent defense services, and will work with you and your attorney to try to resolve your conflict.

¿Tiene dificultad para entender el Inglés, o incluso hablar Inglés, pero tienen dificultades para entender las palabras legales? Pídale a la corte por un intérprete. Ellos están obligados a ofrecerle uno sin costo alguno.

Есть ли у вас трудности с пониманием английского языка, или даже говорить по-английски, но имеют трудности в понимании правовых слова? Обратитесь в суд для переводчика. Они необходимы для обеспечения одного без каких-либо затрат.

Do you have difficulty understanding English, or do you understand some English but have difficulty understanding legal words? Ask the court for an interpreter. They are required to provide one without any cost to you. This includes American Sign Language, or other such accommodations as the court can make to ensure that you understand and have meaningful access to the proceedings.

Are you having a mental health crisis that you don’t feel is urgent enough to call 911? Columbia River Mental Health can offer you suggestions on where to go to receive help at little or no cost to you. Call them at (360) 993-3000. They may also offer help with drug/alcohol concerns or even temporary housing/benefits to help you bridge the gap during your struggles.

Are you charged with misdemeanor in Clark County District Court and feel that either mental health or drug/alcohol issues have played a part in your arrest? Ask your attorney about the possibility of entering the Substance Abuse Court or the Mental Health Court programs. These are state funded alternatives to traditional court that provide treatment and support instead of jail and fines. If you are a Veteran of the US Armed Services and you feel that there are drug/alcohol issues you need help with, the court also offers a program called Veteran’s Court that caters specifically to your needs. These programs can be accessed either through your lawyer, or by going to the District Court counter and asking for information about how to get on their docket.

Over the years, my experience in the legal system has put me in contact with countless community resources, and I am always happy to connect you with someone that can help solve your problems. If I haven’t listed something and you still have a question, feel free to call or email me.